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Perfect ways to store your things and get rid of the clutter in the house

the mess in the house is annoying; It causes distress to the population, as well as a state of discomfort and visual confusion, and to treat the chaos intelligently at home, here are a set of tips..

Decorative storage boxes available in a variety of sizes, colors and designs, with or without lids, do not distort the decor scene, while keeping several things, such as: toiletries, hairdressing tools, papers, documents…

Storage baskets work well in every room of the house, they may hold books and toys in the baby’s room, for example, soap, hand towels and toilet paper, in the bathroom, socks and underwear, in the bedroom, tools and cookbooks in the kitchen…

It is correct to use the wardrobe to carry various necessities and needs, with the importance of dividing the closet and placing a special section for towels, blankets and various other furnishings. The top of the cabinet also offers storage space for decorative boxes full of things.

There are many stylish ways to store your jewelry, such as: buying organizers made of decorative glass or “chrome”, jewelry cases with mirrors…

Vertical storage eliminates the use of wall and door space for storage by designing wall shelves, over-the-door organizers, hanging storage boxes… In addition, these are 10 storage solutions for the “modern” home.

Multipurpose storage

A great way to make good use of any tight interior space and cleverly hide clutter at home is to:

Buying seats that have spaces inside that allow carrying different things.
Use the bed with hidden storage space.
Design wall shelves that have hooks at the bottom.
Choose a floor lamp with a coat rack.
Choose tables with drawers.
Look for a desk with lots of drawers, the latter is preferable to a simple workbench.

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