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Perseverance on Mars was made of oxygen, which would be ten minutes old

A zen technician explains that the Perseverance Robot created oxygen for the first time on Mars. (17. Nora 2021)
| picture: Reuters

The robotic researcher used the MOXIE device, developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), to produce oxygen. Very high temperatures must be reached to dissolve carbon dioxide.

During the first test, which was conducted on Earth, the device was able to produce five grams of oxygen, which would take ten minutes for the astronaut to breathe during normal activities.

NASA’s Jim Reuter said this was Tusk’s first attempt to produce oxygen from carbon dioxide on Mars. In full mode, zazen can produce up to ten grams of oxygen per hour.

Producing oxygen on Mars is tantamount to not only astronauts to stay on the planet, but also to propel rockets while traveling to Earth. Producing oxygen to the city would greatly simplify the logistics of space missions. It depends on the heat of carbon dioxide because this gas makes up 96 percent of the atmosphere on Mars.

Oxygen production testing techniques are among the three main scientific members of the Perseverance Explorer, who shot Mars on February 18th. They also define the environment, and have been able to support microbial life in the past, look for signs of everyday life in such environments and extract samples from rocks and soil. You must then transfer the mission to Earth.

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