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Perusic, Schweiner-Bourne, Crabb 2: 0, Perusic and Schweiner on the sand in Mexico in the quarter-finals

Beach volleyball players Ondřej Perušič and David Schweiner reached the quarterfinals of the four-star world circuit in Canc كانn. The Czechs, who dominated the same category in Doha in March, have won the qualifiers twice and will be the worst in the fifth place split.


Perusic and Schweiner started on the sand in Mexico with a defeat, but a major duel in the group against the duo Rodolfo Antiverus, Juan Virgen defeated after dodging six balls of matches, then eliminated Nikita Lagamin and Taras Meskev from Russia and American duo Tri-Born. And Trevor Crabbe. They played another three-hundred-dollar fight with their Russian opponents, taking the deciding set 15: 9, then defeating the players from the United States at 21:18 and 21:12.

Tonight (from 21:00 CET) the Czechs will compete with another pair from Russia, Ilya Lychukov, Konstantin Simyonov and the European Vice-Champions from 2019, to advance to the semi-finals.

Two additional championships will then take place at the World Circuit in Cancn, and the penultimate stage of the Seven Rings will take place in Ostrava from June 2.

Cancun World Series 4 Beach Volleyball Circuit in Mexico:
Men – Qualifiers:
1. The Round: Pirosick, Schweiner (10-R) – Ljamin, Myskiv (20-Rus.) 2: 1 (12, -16, 9),
The second round: Pirosick, Schweiner Bourne, Crab (22 – US) 2: 0 (18, 12).

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