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Pete Davidson returns to Instagram just an hour after Kanye West’s video and is considering heading to space

The comedian and Saturday Night Live host surprised his fans after he reopened his Instagram account following the divorce of his girlfriend Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West posted a video of his new song showing him burying Pete.
Remarkably, the return was very quick, as the 28-year-old Pete returned and deleted his account on Instagram only an hour later.

Pete Davidson deletes Instagram

Last week, Bette Davidson deleted his Instagram account, days after he was attacked by famous singer Kanye West and his fans on Instagram.
It is noteworthy that this step came only weeks after his return to the social networking platform Instagram, after a hiatus of about 4 years. He had deleted it in 2018 to protect his mental health, as he put it.
And before the star deleted his account, he posted a screenshot from Martin Schekorz’s The King of Comedy; In the clip, actor Robert De Niro said, “It’s better to be king for one night, than to live a full life as a fool.”
Netizens considered that Pete had deliberately not responded to Kanye anymore and had withdrawn from social media; Because he is by nature gentle and does not like disagreements.

Kanye West buries Pete Davidson

In a related context, just hours after the court’s decision to officially divorce Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, the 44-year-old star posted a video of his new song “EAZY” in which he appeared burying a cartoon character a replica of comedian Pete Davidson, the lover of his ex-wife Kim. .
The video shows how the character was brutally buried alive, then spread rose seeds for planting on his head, and later picked the roses and carried them in a large truck, with a scene very similar to the truck that Kanye sent to Kim on Valentine’s Day loaded with flowers.
The video caused quite a stir on social media; Where the Internet pioneers expressed their annoyance with the video, including fans of the star, as some expected that the star would be ready to commit a crime in reality after this video, and some considered that this video is evidence that Kanye needs help immediately and that his mental health is not good, while warning others Pete Davidson of Kanye; It is really dangerous for him.

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Pete Davidson heads to space

Separately, Page Six reported that star Pete Davidson is in serious talks with Jeff Bezos to ascend on his 10-minute journey into space at an altitude of 100 km above the Earth’s surface.

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