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Peter Fiala, because you don’t know him. This would put anyone in Brussels

Youtuber Bratříček, real name Ondřej Tesárek, has renewed his show with guests. Three months before the elections, ODS chief Peter Fiala called and asked him a number of questions. For example, his opinion of the common European currency, the euro. Viale started. The euro is not in favor of the Czech Republic. do not accept!

Peter Fiala, because you don't know him.  This would put anyone in Brussels
picture: Hans Stembra
explained: ODS President Peter Fiala

“I’ll do what a politician shouldn’t do, and I’ll tell you some complexity first and then a little bit,” Fiala began by answering Tessarick’s question about the euro.

With one breath he added that he meets many entrepreneurs who clearly say they want the euro. He would probably feel personally comfortable if he could keep his Euros in his pocket when traveling in the EU and not have to change anything. “It’s definitely a project with a lot of interesting stuff,” he said.

But he immediately added that the euro has a second side.

“And now the conservative view. We have the Czech koruna that works, and we have the euro, which works in some ways, but it has a lot of problems on some things, because the eurozone has huge structural problems. For me as a conservative, the next conclusion is: Yes, The euro is certainly interesting, but it is unfavorable to the Czech Republic. So let’s not accept it. If it is good for the Czech economy, we will start talking about it, but it is unfavorable. And because I used the phrase “structural change”, it means that I am not entirely convinced that conditions can change In a short time up to work, Fiala hit a common European currency project.

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“If we were to adopt the euro, and this is not scary, it is simply so, we would have to share in the fiscal irresponsibility of some eurozone countries. The same degree of solidarity simply stems from this, and it is not good for the Czech Republic,” he continued, dismissing him, saying that He did not intend to pay the budgetary irresponsibility to Greece.

Then he pointed out another problem. While in the United States, when you have no jobs in the Midwest and a shortage of manpower in the East, an American from the Midwest meets and moves to New York. But that is not how it works in the eurozone. There is a labor shortage in Germany. People in southern Spain have no work again. But it is not worth it for them to move from southern Spain to Germany. According to Fiala, this indicates the weakness of the European single currency project.

The same problem has already appeared in the example of Italy. Modern Italy was unified about 150 years ago, and there are still significant differences between northern and southern Italy.

In short, the euro, he said, is a political project with a number of historically given weaknesses.

“Then there is another very important thing for everyone to know. We are an open export economy and we simply need an open European space in order to thrive. It just doesn’t work the other way around. We are not a resource-based economy. We depend on that trade, on those exports. That And if someone says they are going to close the borders, for example because of immigrants, then I say ‘OK, but that would mean liquidating the Czech economy’, that’s not possible, that’s stupid,” Fiala said.

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He would allow Czech companies to charge fees in euros, which would help them, but at the same time it would not mean that all Czechs, Moravians and Silesians should take the euro on their own.

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