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Petrka’s talent will debut against the Czech Republic in the German national team

At the start of the year, Petrca scored four goals and six assists in the World Twentieth Championship in Edmonton in five matches, making him fifth in productivity. A year ago, at the Junior Championships in Ostrava and Tuenik, he collected four goals and two assists in seven duels.

The team also includes strikers Tobias Eder, along with Alexander Ile from Düsseldorf and Daniel Pfavingut from Schwenningen, who made their debut last week in two matches in Slovakia. The Germans lost at Piešťany on Saturday 4: 3 after separate raids and on Sunday 1: 2.

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In addition to Petrka, team-mates Maximilian Kastner, Justin Schutz and another striker Andreas Eder are joined by defender Marcel Brandt from Straubing, back Moritz Muller with forward Frederick Tiefels from Cologne, goalkeeper Andreas Jenick from Iserlohn and Corbinian Holzer from Ekaterinburg.

On the other hand, Hendrik Hahn from Düsseldorf, Tobias Furler of the Swiss national team said Ambre-Peotta and Johannes Haas with striker Boaz Basen from Schwenningen and the other striker Marco Sternheimer with Maximilian Eisenmeninger from Augsburg, Maximilian Kamerer from Düsseldorf and Alexander Planck from Krefeld. . Basen, Eisenmenger and Planck also scored their first games against Slovakia.

Moritz Muller has the most experience with the team, he has already amassed 154 national team entries and won a silver medal from the 2018 Olympic Games in Pyongyang. Holzer worked in the NHL, playing 200 primary matches for Toronto, Anaheim and Nashville and over five in the playoffs.

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The attacking team includes Sebastian Ovira, the 28-year-old son of ex-defender Eduard Ovira, a former Czechoslovak national team member and world champion from Prague in 1985.

Duels take place in Nuremberg on Thursdays from 18:00 and on Saturdays from 13:30. The general for the World Championships in Riga for the Germans on May 7 and 8 will also have duels against Belarus in Nuremberg. In the World Cup, which will be held from May 21 to June 6, they will compete in Group B with Italy, Norway, Canada, Kazakhstan, Finland, the United States and Latvia.

German hockey players’ nominations for the Euro Hockey Challenge matches in Nuremberg against the Czech Republic (April 29-May 1):
Niklas Triotle (Nuremberg)
Mirko Pantkovsky (Dusseldorf)
Andreas Genik (Iserlohn)
The Defenders:
Bernard Ebner
Marco Nowak (Dusseldorf)
Colin Ogbekele (Dusseldorf)
Moritz Muller (Cologne)
Simon Seemsky (Cologne)
John Rogel (Auba Augsburg)
Oliver Mebus (Nuremberg)
Marcel Brandt (Straubing)
Korbinian Holzer (Ekaterinburg / KHL)
Tobias Eder (Dusseldorf)
Alexander Ahl (Dusseldorf)
Daniel Fischbuch (Dusseldorf)
Frederick Tiefels (Cologne)
Lucas Dumont (Cologne)
Sebastian Ofira (Cologne)
John-Jason Peterka (EHC Munich)
Maximilian Kastner (EHC Mnichov)
Justin Schutz (EHC Mnichov)
Daniel Schmolls (Nuremberg)
Daniel Pfavingut (Schwenningen)
Lauren Brown (Krefeld)
Andreas Eder (Straubing)