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Peugeot 408 in a different trim: How about reviving the Fiat Donna and Opel Monza models?

Peugeot 408 in a different trim: How about reviving the Fiat Donna and Opel Monza models?

The hot news from France can’t even be exhaled and it has already been invented by the would-be siblings. What would the Fastback look like to the other members of the Stellantis, Fiat and Opel groups?

Peugeot created the 408 (European model) with an unusual fastback design, which immediately attracted attention after performance. Can it be of help to both Stellantis, in which models is it worth investing time and money in attention? Too early for that, the deciding factor is always sales. However, Brazilian designer Kleber Silva, better known as KDesign AG, did not hesitate to create models that could follow the Peugeot 408 in the future.

Silva’s model names are inspired by the history of both brands. In the case of Fiat, he chose the name Dune. The Fiat Donna was manufactured between 1985 and 2000 in Brazil and Argentina. So we understand that the Brazilian designer came up with this name.

In the case of Opel, he chose the name Monza, a name a bit more familiar to Europeans. The Opel Monza was a fastback car produced between 1978 and 1986. The model was supposed to be a “hammer” on the well-established luxury models of German brands BMW and Mercedes, but it didn’t perform well.

The automaker even revived this name once, in 2013, when the concept of the same name was shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Then the concept came down to a shooting brake variant with a hybrid drive system. As we already know, Monza did not see serial production in this version.

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In the case of Silva’s envisions, it’s just a matter of transferring Fiat and Opel’s current design language to Peugeot 408 shapes. Fiat’s Fastback will need more work, but the Opel fastback bodywork is very nice. In today’s world where chassis, engines, and many other components are shared, these offerings are not unrealistic ideas.

Well why not. If the Peugeot 408 succeeds, the Fastback chassis design for the other Stellantis Group brands could become an inspiration!