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Historie skateboardingu.

Photo, video: the history of skating. Freedom under communism, the desire to be exceptional

Skateboarding was born sometime in the late 1940s and 1950s in California. The idea to make a surfboard came from local surfers who wanted some alternative entertainment at a time when there are no waves.

The first skateboards were very different from the ones we know today. They were wooden boards with skate wheels attached to the bottom (or whatever was within reach).

To the ancient city behind the ship of hope or how to benefit from the experience of Robert Fano

The owner of the surf shop, Bill Richard, already saw great potential in skateboarding in terms of business, so he contacted a company that specialized in Chicago, which was engaged in the production of roller skates. He had sets of wheels made of it, which were then fitted to wooden planks in his surfboard shop.

In 1965, the National Skateboarding Championship was broadcast on television for the first time.

The history of skiing in our country

Around 1976, the roar of wheels began to resound in various parts of Czechoslovakia. Ivo Škrabal built a skateboard in Polička according to the instructions in ABC magazine, in which it was explained what the skateboard looks like and how the principle of rotation works.

A protected European bee eater.

Photo: European bee eater, a critically endangered species nested in the Perov region

The Foreman brothers (sons of director Milos Forman, who left for the United States in 1968) brought skateboards from America from a visit to their father.

do it yourself

Most often, plywood is used on the board, wooden doors from the cabinet, the desired shape is cut out, holes are drilled, sandpaper or rubber is used as a grip.

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Concert of the Army of the Czech Republic on Wednesday 11 May 2022 in the city of Hernes.

75 musicians and singers. Play one of the best orchestras in Hranice

social communication

Skiers began to converge, thereby creating the first community in our lands. The main centers were Prague, Brno, Bolica and Tchklic, but the skateboard community was also in Olomouc and in various parts of Czechoslovakia.


Skateboarding was associated with punk in the 1980s, and many skaters were also bad guys. It is worth noting, for example, the ensemble Socho Muzki, whose star Ivan Zubak Pelikan performed with the Froman brothers on stage.

They had original Fender guitars, which were almost unimaginable at that time, because, of course, they were not available in our country. There is also talk of a concert where Milos Forman sat in the middle of the hall in an armchair smoking a cigar and smiling.

Petr Těšický and Marek Janošek of Hustopeč nad Bečvou knitted 14-meter-long cedar.

The fourteen-meter Pomlazka fighters of Hustopeče nad Bečvou are in the Book of Records

The concerts on the program were every night at Summercamp in Prachatis, he also played there with his band, as well as other entertainment programme.


Professional skateboarders also came to Czechoslovakia thanks to the great effort, determination and organizational talent of Martin Kubiko.

Martin Kopecký organized the races, researched the equipment and exit items that would allow our skateboards to travel. He was the president of the European Ski Association, and he organized the international Euroskate race in 1988 in Prague.

Singer Sandra at a concert in Prague in 2010.

Pop legend Sandra will celebrate her anniversary at Olomouc حفل

Advice about the book and the movie

The history of Czechoslovak skating is clearly set in the book We Cut the Meat Board and the movie King Skate, which is sure to entertain even non-skateboarders and spectators of all generations, offering funny scenes and powerful moments of skateboarding in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic.

Source: YouTube


Thursday brewing.

Brewing on Thursday is approaching. Come for pure beer from the mountains in May

Spring has come to our gardens and dwellings.

Colored saffrons, scented lilies, blue myrrh, radiant dishes. beauty around us