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Photographers and modern technologies.. A feasible employment that enriches the contents of the business

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Photography is of great interest to a wide segment of society, as applications and social media accounts have contributed to this trend, due to the reliance of most of these applications on the image. These programs are widely used even by photographers and professionals.

“Al-Bayan” tried to monitor the success of photographers in using modern technologies, through the weekly survey, where it asked its followers on social networking sites the following question: Have photographers succeeded in employing modern technologies to improve the content of the image?

The results of the poll confirmed the success of photographers in this regard, as 80% voted on the “Al-Bayan” website, while 20% said otherwise. 48.1% voted no.


Commenting on these results, photographer Ahmed Al-Raisi told Al-Bayan: The techniques came to facilitate human life, including the life of the photographer and photography, and with the continuous technical development in photography, the difference in the photographic process of the photographer becomes clear, as it saved time and achieved the required quality, in addition to the effort The requirement in the imaging process has become less.

Al-Raisi added: The new imaging tools, which adopt highly developed techniques, have contributed to highlighting the aesthetics of the image more, in terms of colors and focus on the required shooting angle, as well as the speed of capturing the image with high accuracy, but this development in techniques may constitute an obstacle to the amateur or incapable photographer. These new technologies are seen as a complex matter, but the professional photographer who is skilled in photographic tools has made it easier for him to photograph in terms of colors and modify images.

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Ahmed Al-Raisi stressed that the technical development contributed to the creation of beautiful images of high quality, as the photographer, through his control of lighting, for example, was able to make a difference in the world of photography, especially in editing programs, as he used modern techniques to combine images between the past and the present, For those who see the photo, it seems that it was taken in the past, when in fact it is a recent photo, and this serves many photographers in their work.


In turn, the photographer Noor Muhammad, who specializes in product and food photography and aspires to be a global photographer in the field of foods and products, said: “The use of modern technologies is one of the most important features of the modern era, and one of the most prominent concerns of the contemporary generation, which is indispensable at all times.”

She added, “The photograph is one of the silent non-verbal languages. It conveys reality to us in a language of superb beauty and beauty. It fascinates the attention with the beauty of its composition and correct content. The use of modern technologies has led to the success of photographers in improving the composition of the image, by building a scheme or idea for the image in their imaginations, and the ease of applying them on the ground.

And she continues: “We find that each photographer has his own passion and the way he chooses the field he loves and is creative in, and there is a large segment of professional photographers and others, who are creative in their work, and beginners among them who were affected by circumstances, but creativity continued with them in different ways, so they were able to develop themselves for the better.” .


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