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Photos: At least 41 people were killed in Hurricane Ida in New York

Photos: At least 41 people were killed in Hurricane Ida in New York

Police and local authorities said there were 15 dead in the city New York and its suburbs, and three others near Philadelphia.

In neighboring New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy expressed his “sadness” that “at least 23 New Jersey residents lost their lives” as a result of Hurricane Ida.

The floods washed away cars and submerged metro lines andFlights suspended In the states of New York and New Jersey after the region was exposed to heavy rains with the receding of Hurricane Ida.

Emergency teams rescued those who were trapped in their homes and cars, while streets were flooded with water that turned into rivers.

Pictures posted on social media showed water flowing over the sidewalks metro stations People wade in knee-level water in their homes.

Videos taken by stunned residents showed the streets turning into rivers as cars were washed away by flood waters.

Four people died in the flooding at the Oakwood Plaza apartment complex, Kelly Martens, a spokesman for the city of Elizabeth, New Jersey, told Reuters. “The flood waters were eight feet high,” he added.

There are four confirmed deaths from the virus, Frank Roman, deputy chief of the District Attorney’s Office for Somerset County, New Jersey flood That swept away motorists as there was at least one person missing.

US President Joe Biden said Thursday that the federal government was ready to provide “all necessary assistance” to the two states.

The governments of New York and New Jersey, which declared a state of emergency in the two states on Wednesday, urged residents to stay at home while rescue teams worked to clean roads.

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Efforts have been underway since the early morning to restart the transportation network that serves millions of residents in densely populated New York City.

New York State Governor Kathy Hauckol urged residents to stay home and not go to work and asked them to be patient “to give us some time to complete the repair of the subway trains” after service was suspended in most places, stranding large numbers of passengers.

“This is an event worthy of being recorded in books,” Hokol told CNN Record numbers“.