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Pictures and news of Manuel do Monte by DJ Basso, Fernando ला vila, and others from MIX

Pictures and news of Manuel do Monte by DJ Basso, Fernando ला vila, and others from MIX

Manu is a cousin to Matthew

As you can see, this weekend’s Mix magazine cover brings a smile to a talented and beloved actress from Santa Marianne Manuel de Monte (manudomonte). His cousin Matthews Abreu (mateusabreufotos) clicked on him while in Santa Maria for the past few months. The good thing about this story is that Matthews’ interest in photography arose when, a few years ago, around 2015, Manuela helped him pick physical photos that are still fifteen years old. Manji, who designed it. A few years later, she told him that this moment changed her life. Today he takes pictures in Santa Maria and his work can be seen on Instagram. Regarding the rehearsals he gave with his cousin and transferred to Mix magazine, he said, “We had the idea of ​​taking pictures that matched Manu. He’s simple, funny, full of energy, special nature. It was always this way. Her first memories.” But it also has urban elements. That is why they went to the Boca de Monte region. “We picked the tracks in a remote neighborhood to show more drama and show the strong woman, then we made a few clicks of a moving car on an empty street to show the fun and liveliness!”

Electronic maps topped

In recent years, Santa Maria has become a national and international reference when it comes to electronic music. Both parties and creators of this genre gained fame outside the city. An example is the release of EP “Local Robot” by DJ and producer Basso. The album was released by British label “Let It Out Records” and is already on the global sales chart for its PsyTrance genre, ranking sixth among the 100 best-selling albums. The EP features “Domestic Robot” and “Never Stop,” in association with the Northeast Saturn Six. The EP is available for pre-order on Beatport and listening to samples of the songs on the poster and the artist’s SoundCloud.

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Corolla Jefferson

I increasingly think Santa Maria is connected to Brazil and the world. In addition to being a neighbor of Manuel de Monte, the second most popular series in Brazil and Netflix, we have another Disney Santa Mariana. Yeah, but he’s not an actor yet, but yeah, the Instagram master Jefferson is filtering Araujo out. After drawing with the filters used by Madonna, Maluma, Anita, Pablo Witter, and many other stars (along with billions of people), they have now created an official Cruella filter, which is showing premieres in theaters and Disney this week +. The call came from Disney to appreciate our neighbor’s work, and the launch was on his Instajefaraujo profile (which has 1 million followers). We’ll see what will be the next hit for a creative person.

A recognized talent

Music has no boundaries, and the proof of this is that accordionists and music students at the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM), Fernando Vela-Vella, continue to move around the world by agreement. This time he was sworn in in two international championships, one in the Czech Republic and the other in Latvia. Either way, the 2021 Czech online accordion competition and the Concord of Sounds, held from April to May, were the only two representatives of Brazil. In addition to listening and evaluating more than 100 children from countries such as Croatia, Slovakia, Serbia and Vietnam, they have also won prizes. In the Czech Republic competition, his student from Recife Raphael Duke won a silver medal in the second children’s category and will play two songs from Avila: Argana and Tango Por Carla. Polish Nicodem Sobek also won the silver medal in the same competition in the category of talented people who played tango bur karla – at the end of last year, they finished second in one of the most prestigious accordion competitions in the world. Cup, Mondial de L’Accordien, France. (In collaboration with Victoria DeBortoli)

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friends forever

There is a tradition of television in the United States that I think is really good, and I really don’t understand how Brazil doesn’t have it yet. Collect artists from great classics. It’s been 20 years since the movie was released, and 50 years since the cast has reunited with A Novica Rebelde, Patricinhas de Beverly Hills, and many more. This usually happens on Hall’s show, and the actors remember backstage stories and mythological scenes. Because it is a TV phenomenon that spans across generations, Friends introduced meeting in a special way. It’s fine to look at it, but it is imperative that you take a deep breath and not let a good passion turn into sadness or a silly desire to live in the past. He deserves control and passion. Starred in the actors who read some of the lyrics. For those who are not into the performing arts, it is clear how talented the people will be and study the visual elements that they will interpret. I hope that Brazil accepts this idea and supports the meeting of artists. There are novels, movies and series that she missed.