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Pictures .. Engineer John Talaat is hosted by the Egyptian Space Agency

Pictures .. Engineer John Talaat is hosted by the Egyptian Space Agency

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Pictures.. Engineer John Talaat, hosted by the Egyptian Space Agency, today, Friday, September 24, 2021 12:06 am

Pictures .. Engineer John Talaat is hosted by the Egyptian Space Agency

Engineer John Talaat

The Egyptian Space Agency received Eng. John Talaat, with the aim of spreading space culture and introducing the agency’s role, which coincided with the visit of a delegation of students from the Faculty of Information at the Arab Academy in Alexandria.

Dr. Muhammad Iraqi began the meeting with a welcoming speech by Eng. John Talaat and the university student delegation, praising the distinguished roles played by Eng. John Talaat as a role model for youth and his impact on society.

Engineer John Talaat thanked the Executive Vice President for hosting, and stressed that the interest issued by him is nothing but an imposition and commitment by public or famous figures in society, who must pay attention to everything that concerns society, especially the educational aspect, describing it as a locomotive. peoples.

He continued, “Without education, there is no progress. The responsibility may not be personal, but the interest must be real and not just apparent.”

And John Talaat said: I was personally happy to be at the Egyptian Space Agency today, especially after visiting the agency’s buildings and making tours to the laboratories inside, which led to an increase in public awareness of individuals who do not have any knowledge of what is happening in this field.

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He added that awareness plans are a collective or societal responsibility, and we must unite around it to raise the level of awareness according to the fact that we live in the midst of the information age.

Engineer John Talaat said, “We still manage facilities with the concept of the industrial age, and we must move from the concept of management to the numerical concept. To increase the employment rate per capita by 90%.

Engineer John Talaat concluded his speech, wishing success for the agency, calling for there to be sufficient awareness to change the culture of society towards space technology.

For his part, Dr. Mohamed El-Iraqi, Executive Vice President of the Egyptian Space Agency, explained in detail the agency’s role in spreading space culture in Egypt and Africa, through a distinguished presentation, which he explained in detail to the attendees.

Haya Alaa, the acting media and marketing coordinator, also gave a quick overview of the Asteroid Egypt and Spacek initiatives, in cooperation between the Egyptian Space Agency and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

In conclusion, Dr. Mohamed Iraqi presented a certificate of appreciation presented by the Egyptian Space Agency to Engineer John Talaat, praising his visit, which had a positive impact on everyone, and his appreciation for being an ambassador for the initiatives of the Egyptian Space Agency, as well as his active role in society to spread the culture of space and satellites in Egyptian society.