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Pictures of the strangest wonders of the solar system… an unparalleled red spot

Over the past hours, strange secrets about Jupiter’s strange envelope have been revealed. Data collected by NASA’s Juno spacecraft have allowed a deeper understanding of Jupiter’s violent atmosphere, including the Great Red Spot, where it showed that this massive storm
Stretching down a much longer distance than expected.

To this, researchers said on Thursday, according to Reuters, that the Great Red Spot extends between 350 and 500 kilometers below the clouds above Jupiter, based on measurements of ultra-short and gravitational waves obtained by Juno.

The red spot on the buyer

3D description

It also provided that data to scientists studying the largest planet in the solar system, which can accommodate a thousand Earth globes, and a three-dimensional description of its atmosphere.

While it appeared that streaks and some storms, such as the Great Red Spot, dominate the colorful appearance of the huge gaseous planet Jupiter, which is the fifth planet in dimensions.
It is about 143,000 km in diameter from the Sun.

An instrument known as the ultrashort-wave radiometer enabled scientists to scrutinize what is going on under the clouds that surround Jupiter and study the structure of its powerful storms, which showed them that they extend very deep into the planet’s atmosphere for a much further distance than expected.

Looking inside the planet

“Jupiter operates in this somewhat mysterious way that we’ve uncovered for the first time, because this is the first time Jupiter works,” said Scott Bolton, Juno principal investigator at the Southwest Research Institute in Texas and lead researcher in one of two studies on Jupiter published in the journal Science on Thursday. A mission that can look inside the planet.”

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He also added, “We see surprises,” considering that the Great Red Spot “the largest storm in the entire solar system. There is no parallel to it.”

wildly moving

It is noteworthy that the Great Red Spot is a strong storm with a width of about 16,000 km and is moving violently in the southern hemisphere of the planet. It is considered a miracle
The solar system has been around for centuries, but scientists didn’t know much yet about what’s going on beneath its surface.

The Juno spacecraft has been in orbit around Jupiter since 2016 and has been collecting information about its atmosphere, structure and internal magnetic field.