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Pilot Walid Murad: I was aware of the bad weather.. EgyptAir has the most modern aircraft in the world

Pilot Walid Murad: I was aware of the bad weather.. EgyptAir has the most modern aircraft in the world

The pilot, Walid Murad, revealed the details of the successful landing at Heathrow Airport in London, indicating that what he did was just his work, and the method was in order.

He added, during his meeting with the media, Mona El-Shazly, presenter of the “With You Mona El-Shazly” program, broadcast on CBC satellite channel, on Friday evening, that he was piloting the latest plane in the world, and EgyptAir has 5 planes and there are two planes that will be imported, adding that he was on the know By bad weather.

And he continued, that before the plane is in the air, the team is informed of the weather schedule, and the weather forecast for the next 5 hours, so that the team can know the situation and tell the passengers with it, if the airport in which the plane lands has changed.

He pointed out that what he did was his work, and what he learned inside EgyptAir, adding that the last monitoring of the weather situation before landing, indicated the presence of the “Eunice” storm, which affected the landing of some planes belonging to other companies.

He explained, that he was initially allowed to land as an experiment in the shadow of the storm, and accordingly a crew began to tell the passengers, and after landing the passengers felt joy, given that if this experiment failed, they would have been transferred to an airport in America, which is far from the main airport. .

Captain Walid Murad, the pilot of the Boeing 777 and the 787 Dreamliner, was able to land skillfully and smoothly at Heathrow Airport in London, while driving the EgyptAir Dreamliner flight to London No. 777 while Storm Eunice hits the country in the United Kingdom, including the capital, London, accompanied by strong winds. Which caused the cancellation of a large number of flights at the capital’s airports, and diverted to airports in Germany.

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