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Pique is in a state of shock from his two sons after their participation in Shakira’s song .. He will file a lawsuit!!

Spanish international player Gerard Pique was shocked by his ex-girlfriend, Shakira, after their two sons participated in a song and video clip for her.

Shakira and Pique differences

In the details, the former Spanish player, Gerard Pique, is going to sue his ex-girlfriend, the Colombian star Shakira, after their two sons, Sasha and Milan, showed her new song in the clip without his knowledge.

Spanish journalist Lorena Vasquez revealed that Pique did not know that his two sons would participate in their mother’s new video clip, nor was he asked for permission to approve this step.

Vazquez added that the former Barcelona captain expressed his shock at the behavior of his ex-girlfriend, and is discussing with his lawyer the legal measures to be taken against her.

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Shakira, in her new song “Acrostico”, which reached 54 million views within five days of its release, embodied how her two sons taught her the meaning of true love and their positive impact on her.

Shakira’s children participated in the performance of the song with their mother, in which she said: “I discovered that true love never ends. I tried to hide my tears and my fragility, but things are not always as we dream. I will always stand by you two.”

On the other hand, for the first time, the international Colombian artist, Shakira, talks about the details of her overcoming the betrayal of the retired Spanish soccer player, Gerard Pique.

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Shakira after the betrayal of Pique

In the details, the international singer Shakira finally decided to break her silence in an interview with journalist Enrique Acevedo on his program “En Punto” on the (Televisa) network.

The pioneers of the communication sites reported a lot of excerpts from Shakira’s first interview after her separation from the father of her two children, Gerard Pique, with whom she signed an agreement last December to obtain custody of the two children and move with them to Miami.

“Dreams shatter and you have to pick up the wreckage and rebuild yourself,” Shakira said. She indicated that she now relies on herself and has to be strong for her two children, after the separation.

Shakira spoke about the need to have real strength and continued: “The strength must be the result of a painful experience. We have to accept this experience, understand it, bear the frustration caused by it, and know that there are things in life that do not go as one wants.”

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Regarding the success of the song “La Sesión #53”, which she recorded in collaboration with the Argentinian Bizarre Up, and which included implicit criticism of her ex-partner, Shakira said that it allowed her to find an opportunity to vent and express her feelings, stressing that this matter changed her life.

She explained: “I entered the studio in one case and left it in another. It is one of the things for which I am very grateful to Pisa. I got a chance to vent my feelings and it was a really nice catharsis that was also necessary for my recovery. I think I would be somewhere else if it wasn’t for this song.”

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She stated, “I have always been emotionally dependent on men, I have to admit. I was in love and I think I have now been able to understand it in another light. Today I feel that I am enough for myself, and I believe that women become stronger after facing life’s problems, because they recognize their weaknesses, accept them, and express what they feel.”

Shakira stressed that “the opposite of depression is the expression of feelings.” And she added, “I used to dream that the children would have a father and a mother under one roof. Not all dreams come true in life, but life finds a way to compensate you in some way and I think it has done that for me more than it expected by giving me these two children.”