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يحصل هاتف Pixel 6 على صوت مكاني مثل iPhone 14 مع Android 13 QPR1 ، وتحصل هواتف Pixel الأخرى على ميزات مماثلة Tech News ، Firstpost

Pixel 6 gets spatial audio like iPhone 14 with Android 13 QPR1, other Pixel phones get similar features Tech News, Firstpost

One of the main talking points about Apple’s AirPods Pro 2 launch was a feature called Spatial Audio. Since it has already launched this feature on the Google Pixel 6 with the Android 13 QPR1 update, it seems that Google will provide a similar feature for all future Pixel phones.

Apple’s spatial audio feature iPhone 14 Series and AirPods Pro 2It basically works by using the front camera and the dot matrix in FaceID to scan and calibrate the year-attached AirPods for the best audio experience. of earbuds.

Google first brought Spatial Audio to Pixel Buds Pro FeaturesThis feature is now available on all Pixel 6 and 6 Pro headphones. Latest Android 13 BetaHowever, it is reportedly not very effective.

Spatial Audio creates a digital soundscape around you, giving each element of the soundtrack a specific location, be it music, video or games. This way, users can benefit more from the continuous soundtrack.

As they move around, the dynamics of the sound also change, making it almost as if you were hearing things in real life. Think of sound that moves in 3D, or just 3D sound.

Google is working hard to bring 3D audio to Android with the new “Spatializer” API released in Android 13.

And earlier this year, when the Pixel Buds Pro were announced, Google shared that a future update will bring support for spatial audio.

Once you install the new Android 13 QPR1 update, you’ll see a new “Spatial Audio” toggle in the settings of all your Bluetooth speakers, not just the Pixel Buds Pro.

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Android apps must be updated to take advantage of the new APIs in Android 13, such as the Spatial Audio API. This is why I can’t really test this feature in a real-world environment at this time.

However, in the coming months, new devices getting Android 13 will require app developers to integrate Spatial Audio API into their apps.