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الإعلان عن الجهاز اللوحي Google IO 2022 بكسل

Pixel Tablet may only run 64-bit version of Android

tl; DR

  • The upcoming Pixel Tablet may only run 64-bit Android 13.
  • The news was spotted in Google’s code review resources.

Google revealed the existence of the Pixel Tablet back in May 2022, although the listing is only slated to release in 2023. However, it is still noteworthy as it is the company’s first tablet in several years.

The Pixel tablet might be a bigger deal despite being an Esper editor Mishaal Rahman I found out that the upcoming device can ship with only 64-bit version of Android 13. “Move tangor to 64-bit only”, read related line in Google code review resource. Tangor appears to be the codename for the Pixel Tablet.

Mishaal Rahman Tablet Pixel 64 bits only

Moving to 64-bit Android may be a long-awaited step as Apple’s iOS made that transition way back in 2017. However, it does mean that 32-bit apps won’t work on the Pixel Tablet. Fortunately, since 2019 Google has mandated that all apps submitted to the Play Store must have 64-bit versions. The Xiaomi / Vivo / Oppo App Store Alliance in China recently announced that all the provided apps need 64-bit versions.

In other words, this transition should not affect the vast majority of users. But Apple’s switch to 64-bit iOS only meant that many games that were abandoned long ago can’t be played. So it makes sense that this would be the case on the Pixel Tablet as well (although you can still play it on other Android devices).