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Plant buds are the elixir of health: how to sprout and what to look for?

Plant buds are the elixir of health: how to sprout and what to look for?

Health store

During the germination process, the indigestible materials in the seeds are broken down thanks to the enzymes and converted into healthy ones. Legumes do not swell and in grains the glycemic index and the amount of gluten decrease. The spores contain a large amount of antioxidants and a higher content of vitamins than the original seeds. Especially vitamins C, A, B and K. It is also rich in minerals and essential fatty acids.

For salads and cooking

You can use sprouts like any vegetable. So it is either fresh in salads and spreads, or you can use it for cooking and baking. Cereal sprouts are suitable, for example, for homemade baking, while legumes stand out perfectly in meatballs.

In the air, but it is damp

The seeds germinate for several days in air protected from light, and moisture is maintained by rinsing 2 to 3 times a day. Green shoots are harvested when the first few leaves appear, they may become bitter after that.

Containers facilitate germination

You can germinate the seeds in special containers, sieves, or even a regular cup. It generally starts with soaking the seeds in cold water overnight (buckwheat only half an hour, oats and sunflower only for one hour) to revitalize it. Throw the ones that float to the surface. Then the water is drained and the seeds are rinsed with fresh water. This is facilitated by special containers with a sieve in the lid.

An endless amount of flavors

The taste of sprouts varies with each plant, but in principle it always tastes like the more intense flavor of the mother vegetable. For example, alfalfa with a neutral flavor is a great addition to tuna sandwiches. Watercress, radish, broccoli, or watercress sprouts are suitable for spreading. Mung bean sprouts stand out in Asian cuisines and salads. Mustard buds excel in spicy aftertaste.

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Beware of bacteria and toxins

Some buds, especially eggplant, pepper, or tomato plants, are poisonous. The moist and warm environment that germination requires is also ideal for dangerous bacteria such as Escherichia coli or salmonella. Wash your hands thoroughly before handling the seeds and use only well-washed containers. Also, do not store the sprouts and eat them as fresh as possible after rinsing and drying.

Pesto doesn’t have to mean just basil and pine nuts. You can also use other greenery and the nuts can be substituted with almonds.