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Playfully, without the chrome and leather.  Mini enters a new era with the Aceman electric car

Playfully, without the chrome and leather. Mini enters a new era with the Aceman electric car

The Mini brand will be fully electric by 2030. The path to such a step will be heralded by the models represented by the Aceman concept with its new design language. The electric crossover will be sized between a standard hatchback and a Countryman SUV.

According to Britain’s Autocar, the production model will be produced in cooperation with the related Chinese automaker Great Wall, as well as a smaller model that will be positioned under the current hatchback in the future. On the contrary, the next citizen, who will appear later this year, will grow to make room only for the president.

Mini Aseman concept.

Photo: Mini

“This concept shows how Mini is changing in relation to its all-electric future and what the brand stands for: a driving experience of small electric cars, immersive digital experiences, and a clear focus on a minimal environmental footprint,” says Stefanie Wurst, Brand Director.

The study is 4.05 meters long, 1.99 meters wide, and 1.59 meters high. “It’s small, so the wheels should be in the corners and the overhangs of the body should be as short as possible,” Oliver Himmler, the brand’s chief designer, in an interview with Novinky points out to the original car from the 1960s, which was built on a miniature floor plan.

Oliver Helmer, MINI chief designer.

Photo: Mini

At the same time, Himmler admits that aerodynamics are absolutely essential for electric cars and that optimum flow is a challenge in cars of this type.

Designers worked extensively with the theme of the British flag. This appears not only in the taillights, as on cars of this brand today, but also on the fenders or in the front visor, which changes depending on which LEDs are lit.

Mini Aseman concept.

Photo: Mini

The inside has two sides. The overall structure is simple and refers to the original model with a single circular screen. The dashboard is similar to the speakers, that is, a soft rectangular speaker that many people have under the TV.

But the flip side is the unconventional colors and patterns. A combination of vintage green with pink graphics on the seats or with purple straps for the brave.

The interior, like the outside, is completely devoid of chrome elements, and the interior also lacks leather. On the other hand, Mini emphasizes environmental materials, which parent company BMW has extensive experience using, for example in the i3 parked electric car.

The space between the seats is occupied by a flexible center console with a rail system. The center console surface offers storage compartments, a wireless phone charging compartment, drink holders, or many other usability possibilities.

Three modes

Experience modes combine specific screens and color schemes displayed on the center screen and through the display system inside, with which the audio is coordinated.

personal situation.

Photo: Mini

modern pop up It means new mobility. The system suggests suitable navigation destinations based on the category selected by the user, and displays the route on the OLED screen and as a display on the dashboard. He would do so artistically through the city, with London being an example of this concept.

regime Clear The interactive design then allows as an entertainment feature that can be used during short breaks, when stopping at traffic lights, and when charging a high-voltage battery.

In theory, simply touch the center screen to create colorful “letter bubbles” from the projected elements of the “aceman” characters and actually move them left and right on the dashboard.

About technology next time

Aside from being an electric car, the Mini keeps the technical details secret. The concept will be presented to the public for the first time at Gamescom 2022 in Cologne (from August 24). A serial format will follow within two years.

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