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“Playing with Adults,” a series by Chico and Hisham Majed

Cairo: Ashraf Tawfik

After the great success of the first and second seasons, the famous comedy series “The Game” returns in a third season entitled “Playing with Adults”, written by Saad Wali and directed by Moataz El-Tuni, starring Chico and Hisham Majed, through the network of “MBC Egypt” channels during the Ramadan drama season.

Where the two sworn friends “Mazo” and “Wasim” rush to overcome new challenges and try to win the most difficult level with the help of their teams, but obstacles will be in their way at every step, chasing them from every direction, threatening their lives and the lives of their families, and the game surprises them with many unexpected things with every New challenge.

For his part, Majed confirmed that there are many surprises, which will create a lot of suspense for the viewer, and indicated that there are new stars who will join the game, who will represent an addition to the episodes in the new season, and Hisham Majed indicated that all the work team made a great effort until the work reached « The “mixture” of the success of “the game”, to become one of the most interactive works by the audience, and the viewers began to deal with the series, as if it was a match in which they encouraged one team at the expense of another.

Chico pointed out that presenting a third part of the “game” is very difficult because of the great success of the first and second parts, and the audience’s attachment to them remarkably, but we overcame that by putting in a lot of effort during preparation, and he said that one of the important success factors is the participation of senior comedians in The work, in addition to the presence of a “comedian” director who is also very distinguished in his work, Chico confirmed that there are many surprises and unexpected events that we hope will add to the audience a wider area of ​​pleasure and joy.

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The series “Game 3 – Playing with the Adults” brings together Chico, Hisham Majed, May Kassab, Mirna Jamil, Muhammad Tharwat, Ahmed Fathi, Sami Maghawry, Arefa Abdel Rasoul, Mona Ahmed Zaher, Mahmoud Hafez and others.. and it was written by Saad Wali, Directed by Moataz El Touni.