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Pokemon Diamonds and Pearls Remake that changes the main feature of the original

Pokemon Diamonds and Pearls Remake that changes the main feature of the original

Pokemon shining diamonds and sparkling pearls Coming to the Nintendo Switch next month, it looks like the new version will make a huge difference from the DS source: HMs have been dropped from the game! The official Pokémon Twitter account has revealed that secret moves like the Cut and Rock Climb will now be used by wild Pokemon ordered through Pokémon. This means that players will not have to teach their Pokemon any HM, and waste space that can be used for a stronger attack. This is a small part of improving the quality of life, but most fans will welcome it!

“You can also use your Pokemon to summon wild Pokemon to help you go to places you can never reach! They’ll use subtle movements like mowing to cut down trees blocking your path, or rock climbing up steep cliffs,” write a tweet.

HMs were introduced in the first generation of Pokemon games, which allowed players to teach Pokemon to use moves that unlocked areas on the map. While HM teams like Surf can be useful in battle as well, moves like Cut and Flash have taken up valuable command space. Each Pokémon can only recognize four moves, and HMs cannot be deleted and replaced (initially). Over the past few generations, Game Freak has largely eliminated HM comps, replacing them with options that don’t take up the transfer space. Recreate previous versions of Pokemon Pokemon: let’s go They also threw HM, so fans should be happy to see it’s going to be the same Sparkling diamonds and sparkling pearls.

While Pokemon shining diamonds and sparkling pearls It will have a lot in common with its predecessor, and it turns out more and more that there will also be quite a few changes. It remains to be seen if these changes will provide a more enjoyable experience, but fans can find out for themselves on November 19. In the meantime, readers can check out our previous coverage of the game Here.

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Are you glad to see that Their Majesties have abandoned him Sparkling diamonds and sparkling pearls? How do you feel about the changes to the original DS games? Tell us in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at Tweet embed Talk all about the games!