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Pokemon fans mistake Baldia Grusha's new gym leader for a girl

Pokemon fans mistake Baldia Grusha’s new gym leader for a girl

Krusha stands next to a male and female symbol.

picture: Nintendo / Kotaku

When a Pokémon Presents broadcast first showed off a new Ice Gym leader, many fans thought Trainer Grusha was a girl. But official reports eventually revealed that the president of Glaseado Gym is actually a man who uses pronouns. Some fans are surprised to realize that their new Poké-Cr isn’t the gender they’re attracted to. I had no choice but to laugh.

The Pokemon A Twitter account revealed that Krusha is a professional skater he is Cool in general except during battles. masculine pronouns Timid Some fans assumed they had a gym leader, but most fans rejected it Acceptable So far pronouns. Other, more horny fans had a personal crisis.

bisexual Pokemon fans butthey were Not completely unconscious. Others seem to have come to their own homosexual consciousness. “If Krusha [is] Someone told me that I am a man like me.” Twitter user. another one fan “Grusha fr woke up gay unexpected for many and wanted to see him,” cheered a cute sports leader as more players join the gay agenda.

The devil runs fast, but NSFW Pokemon Fans of artists work quickly. Half of the obvious fans I’ve seen have a crusha with a curvy body (seriouslyno Vision they are one a job Machine). Artist lamented Their NSFW fan art no longer complies with the law: “I quickly drew a grouch with fat rods, only to find out I pissed off a practical teen.” Another artist Flatout refuses to stop Grusha from drawing big batons with some stupid pronouns. More power to them!

Big Diti or Small Diti, all krushas are good. Transskolin Crocha can definitely fit a ton of boob under a heavy winter coat. So we should all stop worrying about his gender and worry more about whether or not he’s going to be a tough leader in the gym.

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