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Police in Jičínín have trained parents of pupils in Internet safety

On Tuesday, June 8, this afternoon, parents of primary school students met a police officer dealing with prevention. The main topic of the training was cyber crime and the risks associated with it. “Parents had a unique opportunity to find out what their children are doing on the Internet and how they behave. How severely online predators can manipulate their victims and how easy it is to get the necessary information about them from available images posted on social networks,” said Jessen Police spokesman Alice Brindel. From the lecture is to warn parents to pay more attention to the behavior of their children in the Internet environment and to actively talk to them about this issue.

With a little carelessness, anyone can become the target of predators on social networks. By revealing privacy and personal information, the victim can greatly facilitate the work of the attacker. With the rise of the internet, the number of crimes reported and committed in cyberspace continues to rise. In the recent past, for example, the document In the Network noted this. The Internet can be a good server, but it can also be a hotbed of harassment, abuse, or bullying. Therefore, the most appropriate prevention is caution and responsible sharing of personal data of children and adults.

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