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Police seized the first 200 modified Skoda Scala cars

Police seized the first 200 modified Skoda Scala cars

The police in Konovici, Uhersky Hradisht district, seized the first 200 modified Skoda Scala cars. Interior Minister Jan Hamacek told reporters that this is the first batch of tender for 557 vehicles.

Ramit Motors, a longtime police collaborator, provided car stickers, installing them with alarm systems or adding electronic devices.

“When I took office, the age of the police fleet was probably the biggest problem. Today we can say that after the handover is over here, the police will have 95 percent new out of the 2,800 colored cars,” said Hamachek. According to him, the new cars will be distributed to all regions.

For example, according to the Director of the Regional Police Jaromir Tkadleczyk, about 20 new Skoda cars will visit the Zlin region in two stages. “Other older vehicles will be phased out. These will be the ‘octaves’ of the two-series, which today have run 320,000 kilometers today. Their operation and maintenance are very different economically from new cars,” Tkadleek said.

According to its general manager Rudolf Vascha, the exteriors of the cars were plastered and the rear windows blacked out by Ramit employees. “Moreover, the entire interior is modified, that is, all the technological units of the police are assembled, whether it is a warning technology, a warning ramp on the roof, and then there are warning lights around the entire vehicle,” Vacha said.

According to him, other modifications include the installation of a cable for a radio station or cables for camera systems that will be installed in cars. “Then there is the installation of supportive police aids, i.e. additional sockets for charging and powering 12V devices, an additional transformer for powering devices to 230V and additional lighting for the interior of the vehicle, improving service options especially in the case of the vehicle,” Facha said.

Police specialists commented on the shape of the car modifications. “Often we get a car, which we somehow finished in quotes. Today, having received it, the car must meet all the established conditions for working for the police (Czech Republic police) and there are not a few of them,” said Tkadlicic. According to him, we managed From strengthening the reinforcement, increasing the durability of the chassis, and improving the electronics.

According to Vácha, Ramet should complete the upgrade of the remaining 357 cars within a month. “The work started in early August, and we do modifications on 10 to 12 cars a day. The contract value is in the tens of millions of crowns,” Vacha added.