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Political analyst: England is in dire straits

Writer and political analyst Sala Kirada explained that the UK is not the only country groaning under the pressure of trade union strikes and protests, saying the UK is in a critical position.

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Writer and political analyst, in an intervention on the screen of “Cairo News” from the capital Madrid, the division of strikes in Britain is expanding, which moves from one sector to another at the level of government institutions, including the strike. As the railway workers refused to increase the wages approved by the government and it was not satisfactory.

He added that the most dangerous strikes in the nursing sector, along with ambulance drivers, put the country in front of a humanitarian disaster that threatens the health sector and the lives of patients who need immediate care with the advent of winter. A fertile date for the emergence and spread of influenza diseases in its various forms.

He pointed out that if health sector strikes continue and they stick to their demand for a 16% pay rise, which is beyond the government’s ability – Britain will face some unfortunate realities.

The writer and political analyst described UK lifestyles as being hit by turmoil, while the trade unions could announce a general strike, noting that inflation rates had risen to 11%. That is, the salaries of the employees are no longer sufficient to meet the essential necessities of life, and the British Government cannot afford to fight one fault with another.