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"Ponzo" brings Al-Fakharani back to the cinema after an absence of 25 years

“Ponzo” brings Al-Fakharani back to the cinema after an absence of 25 years

Cairo: «The Gulf»

** The great artist Yahya Al-Fakharani confirmed that he is preparing to return to the cinema, after an absence of nearly 25 years, since he presented the movie “Mabrouk and Bulbul” in 1998.

The new movie that Al-Fakharani is returning, entitled “Bonzo”, written by Taghreed Jamal, directed by Sarah Wafik, and produced by Shahd Ramzy, and filming will begin during the coming period, noting that the film is of the kind he loves, which is “social comedy”, but he did not disclose any details about His role or the subject of the film, until filming begins.

At the same time, Al-Fakharani confirmed that he is preparing to participate in the upcoming Ramadan season 2023, with a comic social work as well, and Shadi Al-Fakharani will direct it, but he has not yet settled on the idea that he will present among the 3 ideas before him.

** The star, Mohamed Saad, announced that he will run the dramatic race next Ramadan 2023, with a new series, indicating that it will be a surprise to the audience and a new challenge for him, as he will be completely away from comedy, and through which he presents a very serious character, and he is currently continuing to put the final touches on the work during the sessions. preparations for it, before it is officially announced in the coming period.

** After an absence of 21 years, from the artistic community and the lights, the artist, Maya Shiha, the sister of the two artists Hana and Hala Shiha, decided to return again to acting, after she spent the past years in the world of fashion and fashion design.

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It is noteworthy that Maya had her first and last cinematic experience in 2001, through the movie “Asrar Al Banat” with director Magdy Ahmed Ali, in front of Sherif Ramzy, Ezzat Abu Auf, Dalal Abdel Aziz, and Sawsan Badr, and written by Azza Shalaby, and directed after the film. She went to study theater and cinema, and indeed she traveled to Beirut and studied there for 4 years, but then returned to the world of fashion.

** Movie theaters were forced to raise the movie “The Spider” by the two stars Ahmed El-Sakka and Mona Zaki, after it was shown for 11 weeks, and its revenues stopped at 37 million pounds, after it was shown in theaters during the last Eid al-Fitr film season, and its showing continued within one week with the films of the season Eid al-Adha before being lifted this week.

** The artist, Mohamed Ragab, is preparing to start filming his new series, “The Winch,” which consists of 45 episodes.

** The star Hend Sabry has contracted to star in the new 45-episode TV series “Mahab Al-Rih”, which is a format based on an American series entitled “The Good Wife”. Al-Masry, and they go through a major event that completely changes the course of their lives.