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Pope: My heart is a good treasure that people have given me

Pope: My heart is a good treasure that people have given me

The Holy Father met the Argentine priest Guillermo Marco, who for ten years ran the press office of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires when Cardinal Bergoglio was its Archbishop. Part of their conversation was published in a podcast prepared by Father Marco.

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“My heart is like a pantry, it is full of things that I keep. I have to keep expanding the shelves. I am a half collector in this, in a good way, I don’t want to miss out on anything good that people give me. People reward you with their example, words and deeds. The job of a priest is Teaching people, but I think we can learn a lot from people if we just stop and look at them.”

Thus begins Pope Francis’ interview with Argentine priest Guillermo Marco, his former press spokesman. Twenty-two minutes of this interview, which lasted a total of one and a half hours and took place on June 9, was published on Sunday, July 3 on the podcast. Marcó tu semana, de la tele a las redes.

The interview focused on personal matters in the Pope’s life, spiritual life and work outside his native Argentina. No current issues were addressed. “I’ve seen all of these things sometimes appear in other media, or perhaps when the Pope is giving an interview to a journalist,” Marco explained in his podcast presentation. So the Argentine priest preferred to ask questions about topics from “ordinary life,” which he says are “questions I ask myself many times, because when you know someone, you know how they live, you know how they pray,” he emphasized. Cardinal Bergoglio often said when dealing with a problem: “First I will pray and then I will answer you,” Marco pointed out.

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What does the Pope’s prayer look like?

The first question concerns the life of prayer. Francis sees that “the prayer of the bishop consists in the care of the flock, according to the Gospels, and the Pope is a bishop, so he acts in this way: he pleads, he intercedes, he gives thanks for all the good that has been done. He did.”

“Do you still get up early to pray?” asked Marco. , answered the Bishop of Rome: “Yes, because if you do not pray in the morning, you will not reach her, because today he will pray. She sweeps you away … “.

What does the Pope miss the most?

Compared to life in the Argentine capital, Peter’s successor misses the greatest opportunity to move freely on the streets of Rome:

“In Buenos Aires, I walked or took the bus, here I was caught red-handed twice, it was always in the winter at seven in the evening, when nothing happens and it is dark … When I went to the eye specialist, a lady from the balcony (shouted) : Papa!, and that was it. And when I went to the record store and there was no one there – I went to bless the store because it belonged to friends who had recently renewed it and they asked me – It was dark, but unfortunately there was a taxi nearby where a journalist was waiting for his friend, to leave They are both there in a taxi.”

How does a person feel when he bears a great responsibility?

On his state of mind regarding his mission as head of the Church, the Pope said:

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“The Holy Spirit bears many fruits, but it is never said that it can cause a state of numbness. Sometimes I literally feel numb in the face of situations that would make you suffer so much, and even though I stayed in that situation, I could move on.”

Where there is crisis, there is growth

Another topic of conversation was crisis management: “One of the things I learned here is the fact that we don’t know how to manage crises, even though the crisis is exactly what allows us to grow,” the Pope explained, then citing the founder of the European Union as an example for men who knew how to manage crises and growing up with it, “they didn’t turn it into a struggle between blacks and whites.”

“When you turn a crisis into a conflict, you have lost. Unity prevails over conflict, that is, conflict limits you”he added.

Personal certificate of old age

Finally, Marco continued the catechism on old age that the Bishop of Rome had begun on February 23 of this year during the general masses, and wanted to know how the Pope was adjusting to this stage of his life: “At my age, I laugh at Francis answered.