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Pope Tawadros received UK Minister for Middle East Affairs

By: Muhammad Al-Ahmadi

Wed, 05 Apr 2023 04:35 PM

received His Holiness Pope Tavadros II This afternoon at the Apostolic Headquarters in Cairo the Pope of Alexandria and the Archbishops of St. Mark, Lord Tariq Ahmed, Minister of State for the United Nations in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and the United Kingdom, and Ambassador Gareth Bailey, the British Ambassador to Egypt and their accompanying delegation.

During the meeting, His Holiness addressed the history of Egypt and ancient Egyptian civilization, and also spoke about the history of the Coptic Orthodox Church, the oldest Egyptian institution in Egypt, from the first century AD. Today. , the church has spread all over the world. He pointed out that the first Coptic church established in Europe was in London.

For his part, the British minister noted the useful role played by Copts in the United Kingdom.

Regarding the nature of the Egyptian people, the Holy Pope referred to the unique character they derive from the Nile River, where all Egyptians live around the river, so the Egyptians describe themselves as “sons of the Nile”.

He emphasized that Egyptians are now united and working together to build our new Egypt, referring to the three main challenges: education, economy and media. Our country in education file will have a good impact and we are all working to make our country Egypt as a good example, representing the whole world in peaceful coexistence.

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Regarding the role of the Church in society, especially in education, the Pope ensured that the Church has a spiritual role as well as a social role, establishing schools in Egypt that serve all Egyptians through the papal office.

Regarding the human rights file, the Holy Pontiff pointed out that Egypt faces a large poverty rate and is working hard to meet basic needs first, and that the right to a dignified life comes before anything else.