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Poppy milk for health - NašeHvě

Poppy milk for health – NašeHvě

Not everyone loves it, but one thing is for sure. It is one of the super foods that can be used for health and beauty. Why this?

sIt is considered an annual herb and grows freely along rivers, in fields and around gardens. You can collect poppies or simply buy them at a health food store or at any major supermarket.

About stress and illness

The poppy provides energy and acts as a prevention of osteoporosis, prevents the formation of tooth decay and, last but not least, relieves headaches, and contributes to the treatment of respiratory diseases and skin problems such as psoriasis.

You can use it even if you can’t sleep or are stressed or have long-term anxiety. Several studies show that poppy also works as an effective breast cancer prevention.

Make poppy milk

Pour about 100 g of poppy seeds into a liter of lukewarm water. Leave the work overnight to get the fat out of the poppy. Mix standing water with poppy seeds until foam forms.

Then strain the liquid into a sealable glass through a fine sieve. If you want to sweeten your milk, choose honey, cane sugar, or maple syrup. Treat yourself to a glass of poppy milk daily.

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