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Popular models of tables in luxury reception halls

Popular models of tables in luxury reception halls

you may turn Table Which mediates the reception or living area to an attraction in thedecorespecially with the artistry of the designers in working on these pieces of FurnitureAnd keeping pace with the current fashion in terms of using natural materials in the manufacture.. What are the latest popular models of tables?
A question that “” brought to the interior design engineer, Reham Farran, and came back with the following.

common table shapes

Marble is used in the design of the rolling stock (Image via Casa Lusso Furniture UAE)

Engineer Reham attaches importance to the presence of tables in the middle of the spaces, saying that “this type of tables is essential in the decoration of the reception areas, as it is present regardless of the sizes and models of the spaces. In this context, tables are available in wholesale sizes and models…”.

The table in the middle of the space is generally geometrically shaped (Image via Pan Emirates Furniture)

About the tables that are in the middle of the recently popular halls, engineer Reham draws attention to those designed according to geometric shapes, taking into account making the corners in the designs smooth and soft, in a way that does not harm the users. In addition, tables in the form of triangles or lozenges are now widespread, in addition to the designs of tables distributed in the middle of the place, in the form of carrying two pairs (or three tables) of these pieces of various heights and sizes, one of them being placed near the second or the first arranged under The second, in the context of the limited space that cannot bear the presence of hospitality side tables.

Common table materials and colors

A model of a contemporary design for the table in the middle of the reception area (photo from Casa Lusso Furniture UAE)

The designs of the popular tables are multi-material that dissolve in the structures and surfaces, but the official colors are more suitable for them, including: black, navy, olive, silver, gold and bronze, which are used in the iron coating of the structures. In this context, the designer explains that “these pieces of furniture do not look noisy, no matter how striking the designs.” In terms of table tops, they are made of marble in particular, with the popularity of natural materials in this year’s decorations, or of ceramic, granite or resin, any of the manufactured stones, to a lesser extent, or of mirrors or glass. Note that glass and mirror surfaces are suitable for a narrow reception hall, although glass surfaces are no longer widespread.”

It is popular to use natural materials in the design of the table in the middle of the space (photo from Pan Emirates Furniture)label

On the other hand, it is true that the presence of tables with wooden surfaces is declining, but there are designs that seem to be extracted from nature, such as tree trunks in their upper part, while the structures are made of iron. In addition, tables with colored lighting are finally in vogue.

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Interior Design Engineer Reham Farran