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Porsche believes in industrial gasoline, and invests another billion

Porsche believes in industrial gasoline, and invests another billion

Holding HIF Global LLC is also working on a pilot plant for the production of synthetic fuels in Chile, where it partners with oil giant Siemens Energy and ExxonMobil. Porsche’s latest investment will go to other similar production plants in regions where there is enough renewable energy to run them, such as the USA, Australia or Chile.

“E-fuels represent a significant contribution to climate protection and a useful complement to our electric mobility. Through the investment, Porsche is expanding its commitment to sustainable mobility,” said Barbara Frenkel, Member of the Board of Management of Porsche AG.

E-fuel, also known as synthetic fuel, is a carbon-neutral alternative to current petroleum fuels. The plant uses its “green” energy to produce hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis of water. It then combines hydrogen and carbon dioxide obtained from the air into synthetic methanol, which then converts it into electronic fuel, which can be burned in a conventional car engine.

Including this burning, the whole process must be carbon neutral. However, e-fuels are not yet available in sufficient quantities to be propelled globally; Porsche expects production to start sometime in the middle of this year and wants to test the e-fuel first while racing.

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