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Porsche prepares for a large electric SUV, promising higher margins

Porsche prepares for a large electric SUV, promising higher margins

Porsche has an electric Taycan model in its offer, and the second generation crossover Macan will also run on electric. In addition, another electric vehicle will be added to the offer in the coming years, in the form of a large SUV.

According to the CEO of the automaker, Oliver Blume, from which the report came, such a vehicle could be even bigger than the Cayenne SUV: “It will expand our position in the luxury segment. We are targeting segments with higher profit margins, and we want Gain new sales opportunities in this way,” the Motor1 website, which publishes the news, reported.

It’s not clear how far development extends, but Bloom’s statement may be related to a report last year on Automotive News, which was based on information from the brand’s dealers. Then they had the opportunity to consider the new SUV, which was supposed to be “part sedan, part crossover” and not share design elements with the Macan or the Cayenne.

As the Automobilwoche website reports since the beginning of this year, Project Artemis was originally supposed to serve as a technical basis for some new SUVs, but Porsche had to change its mind and build the car on a PPE platform. This was developed in collaboration with Audi. The next-generation Macan and Audi Q6 e-tron, due for construction in 2023, are set to be the first cars to use it.

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