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Portugal coach reveals details of meeting with Ronaldo and receiving "the news"

Portugal coach reveals details of meeting with Ronaldo and receiving “the news”

And during the press conference that was held on Friday, which precedes the meeting between Portugal and Morocco in the quarter-finals World Cup 2022Santos revealed the details of the “Ronaldo crisis”, which has occupied the media in recent days.

meeting in the office

Santos said: “The conversation took place between me and Ronaldo on the day of the match SwitzerlandAnd I explained to him the reasons that prompted me to put him back up.”

And he continued: “After lunch, we met and I explained to him the reasons. I invited him to my office and told him so that he would not be surprised. It is better not to be essential at the beginning of the meeting, as I wanted to save him for the second half when we need that.”

And he continued: “Ronaldo was not happy with this decision, he was not satisfied with that, and he asked me do you think it was a good idea ?, and we entered into a conversation and I explained my point of view and he accepted it, the conversation was full of frankness.”

The fact that he left the elect

As for the news that Ronaldo threatened to leave the Portuguese national team, after knowing that he would not participate in the match against Switzerland, Santos vehemently denied that.

The Portuguese coach said: “Ronaldo did not tell me that he would leave our national team. It is time for us to stop these rumors, and look at what he did in the match.”

He added, “Ronaldo was warming up with the players despite knowing that he was not essential, and he was applauding and interacting with goals with his colleagues, and he greeted the fans after the match. It is time to leave Ronaldo alone.”

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Santos refused to reveal whether Ronaldo would be essential against Morocco, or if he would start from the bench, in the match that will take place on Saturday evening.