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Poster .. Participated in "The Blue Elephant", "Coco Chanel" and "Amira"... Ahmed Hafez talks about "the magic of montage"

Poster .. Participated in “The Blue Elephant”, “Coco Chanel” and “Amira”… Ahmed Hafez talks about “the magic of montage”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Note with me the following: Most of the press articles and television reports that talk about a new movie or series, in which the journalist or media person hosts the hero or heroine, or either the writer or the director. . It is something we are used to, perhaps because these names are usually the most famous, and therefore they attract visits and views, which means a great success for the press article. important dimensions of the artwork.

In this week’s episode of Poster, we decided to move away from this “trend” a little, and not follow or imitate others’ attempts to attract readers through the names of celebrities. It is important to talk about knights and knights working behind the camera, so that the work comes out in the best way.

After meeting my guest, the Egyptian editor Ahmed Hafez, we were sure that this decision was correct, as the dialogue focused on experience, the view towards films, and the attitude towards everything that is happening around us, which is reflected in the story and presentation in the movie or TV series.

In these following lines, I will not rewrite Ahmed Hafez’s interview, I encourage you to watch it, because he has a passion for everything he does, even if we try to convey his words as they are, the passion inside him will not be evident in these words. I will convey Ahmed’s experience, and write my notes on it. May the editor’s job in the movie or series become one of the dreams that young people repeat when they ask: What do you dream of being in the future!

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First, let us define who the editor is… He is the person responsible for cutting the film after filming according to the director’s view, with color adjustments, adding sound and visual effects, and others, which, as Ahmed tells us, is the task that presents the final version of the film before the show.

For me, editing has always been the process by which a movie is actually made. Anyone can shoot long clips, and we can call them a movie only after cutting them and arranging them according to the point of view of the written story. Never underestimate this task!

Ahmed Hafez’s entry into the world of montage was by chance. He tells me that he got acquainted with this world during one of the summer holidays, and discovered this passion within him in cutting the video, and had an experience to do it by chance, and succeeded in it and dazzled everyone around him, and from there was the beginning, to start after him the journey, and offers important works such as “The Blue Elephant”. And “Engage” and “Every week on Friday” and most recently the movie “Princess”, which was shown during the Venice Film Festival in its world premiere.

The follower of these works senses an understanding of the nature of the place and the story in the montage, as the matter here is not only an organized slicing, but rather slicing and distributing in what serves the shape and identity of the story. I liked the proverb that Hafez gave during the interview by saying: “In the movie Amira, we tried as much as possible not to cut the shots, and at the same time preserve the rhythm, but in the movie “Engage”, where the shooting was all done in one place, we were trying to circumvent the idea of ​​rhythm and not Boredom by constantly chopping up shots.”

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Ahmed Hafez did not stop at television and cinema, but his experience recently extended to the theater, where he edited the play “Coco Chanel” by the star Sherihan. The experience has many challenges, especially since no matter how much the staff tries to impress it, it will remain a theatrical in the end.

“It was a frightening experience,” Hafez said. “With all the visual dazzle, the movement of the cameras, the lighting, etc., we tried to keep the idea that it was a theatrical, as well as drama, music and show, which is different from all the plays we are used to watching.”

Ahmed Hafez ended the meeting by saying that his dream is to reach the world, to compete on a larger level, and to be one of the filmmakers who represent Arabs on international forums. I may disagree with Ahmed regarding universality, as it has become a loose concept, in which many forget the value of artistic content, and I believe that the supreme goal is for the film or television work to address the peoples closest to it and who speak in their name and tell their story, because if this work reaches them, it will have been achieved. desired effect. In my humble opinion, Ahmed Hafez, through all the works in which he participated, has already achieved this.