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Postponement of the launch of the SpaceX mission to the International Space Station

The mission of the manned SpaceX spacecraft to the International Space Station has been postponed, from tomorrow, Sunday to next Wednesday, due to bad weather, as it is scheduled to be launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

The mission is receiving great interest in Germany, the birthplace of crew member Matthias Maurer. Maurer, 51, a resident of the small western state of Saarland, is set to be the first German to travel to space in three years.

Maurer, the 12th German astronaut in space and the fourth German, will be aboard the International Space Station.

And the US Aeronautics and Space Administration “NASA” said today, Saturday, that Maurer, along with his NASA colleagues, Thomas Marshburn, Raja Shari and Kayala Baron, is scheduled to take off at one and ten minutes next Wednesday morning (0510 GMT) and arrive at the International Space Station at the same time. Today.

And NASA added that the launch process, tomorrow, Sunday, on the “Halloween” holiday, was canceled, due to a “strong storm”, accompanied by winds and waves, in the Atlantic Ocean “along the Crew Dragon flight path.”

Once they reach the orbital position, the four are scheduled to stay there until April next year.
After its space shuttle was decommissioned, in 2011, NASA relied on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft, to transport its astronauts to and from the International Space Station. The mission of SpaceX to launch spacecraft, and its founder is Elon Musk, began transporting crews last year aboard its Dragon capsule.


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