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Powerbank as a starting source for the car

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When a car battery is dead, the driver has several options. They are probably the most common driver cablesbut for those who need a second car and ideally some space. The quickest solution is a power bank.

We probably all know that – you go somewhere in the mountains, in nature, or simply to any place where there will be no access to electricity. Anyone can quit and put the cell phone away or pack some power with them In the form of a power bank Then charge all the necessary electronics. But someone once thought that if powerbanks could charge smartphones, maybe they could Start cars sometimes.

Li-Pol or Li-ion cells

Certainly, the starting currents are in the hundreds of amps, which is necessary for a capacity NiMH battery 10,000 mAh very dirty. In fact, these accumulators have a problem with the fact that they simply cannot provide, say, 300 amps. NiMH is used in older, cheaper power banks, and today most production hides lithium cells. Specifically, these are articles of the genre 18650 in different capacities. Instead, other different batteries are used, eg Flat Li-Pol cells. However, lithium batteries have one thing in common – It can handle fairly high currents well.

Li-ion cells

It is very easy to use

Powerbanks today can charge electronic devices not only via USB ports, but also with the help of a special connector Even auto start. This is usually done by joining them Thick cables with clamps. The clamps are then clicked onto the car battery posts and everything is ready. Then you have to either press the button for that and then turn the key in the ignition box. The power bank, either instantly, or within seconds, releases a pulse of energy that lasts a few seconds at most. The engine should start without any problems. Surprisingly, it works, and in fact most energy stores that claim to do so can Start the car. The limitation can be very large motor size – which is why there is a specific one for every given power bank Volumetric ceiling. Another indicator of a power bank’s capabilities is to indicate the maximum current it can handle, and logically higher means better. But they can power most modern small-sized engines.

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It will be difficult to start the car when it is frozen

However, the starting source with a power bank also has its drawbacks. The biggest of course is the human factor and the problem of having to keep it charged constantly. who are you Leave the power bank in the car And in the morning he takes it out frozen, he will probably be very disappointed, because the starting capabilities of such a device will not be very good. The colder the batteries, the slower they run electrochemical reactionwhich results in an electric charge.

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