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Powerbox: suitable to use to increase performance and how does it actually work?

Powerbox: suitable to use to increase performance and how does it actually work?

The engine control unit is responsible for everything that affects the operation of the engine and the control of all operations in it. It basically controls how much fuel is injected, how far it goes, intake flap and many other factors that affect performance and consumption. Operations are controlled by the software in the loaded console and It was decided on the basis of the data available to it. All this data converges in the control unit and is read by sensors located wherever it is needed.

Powerbox vs. tuning chips difference

With the classic chiptunig, this control unit software is changed so that the car has higher power and torque. values ​​change Amount of fuel injectedthrottle opening, turbocharger compression, advance, etc. The program still decides on the basis of real data, but decides differently – so that the car has better dynamics as a result.

Powerbox goes differently! Console software is unaffected, nothing changes in it, but Handles the data that is submitted to the console On the basis of it, it was decided. In fact, it can be said that the powerbox lies in the console to make decisions based on false data. It will probably become clear to everyone what this data is presented to him, the main thing is that the console responds to it, increases performance and motor torque.

It’s actually a small box Connects the most important sensors to the control unit. Data from these sensors goes to the powerbox, is modified and then sent to the control unit. She knows nothing, but makes decisions based on wrong data. It is not necessary to access the program, the warranty will not be violated and the manufacturer can even know that the driver can connect to the powerbox wirelessly using a smartphone and partially “adjust” the settings for himself.

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It will be said that everything is pink and sunlit, but this is not the case. The Powerbox convinces the console, among other things, that the injection pressure is less than the actual pressure and must be increased. This is a particular problem with common rail systems that operate with really high pressures. However, due to the trick control unit, the pump is required to increase the pressure even more.

Cavity problem

This is created at the edges of the pump screw very high pressure areabut right next to, i.e. on the flat side of the screw, is very low pressure area. And the pressure is so low that Changes the boiling point of the liquid (fuel in this case) to a low enough level to cause cavitation, i.e. boiling. Small bubbles filled with steam begin to form, which will be useless if these bubbles do not have a destructive effect. This is because they pull the pump out of the solenoid/impeller material very small particles of material (metal or plastic). Particles enter the system and either pass through the filter or begin to accumulate in it and eventually form a hole in it. they will get in sensitive syringes And bad luck in the world.

Adaptation problem

As the car ages, the characteristics of the sensors also increase, which can lose accuracy or become inconsistent in the data. This was taken into account during development, and the console software was quite flexible and adaptable in this regard. Sooner or later it may happen that even the manipulated data from the powerbox will be modified to some “real values” by the controller.

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Why not use powerbox to increase performance

Source information: CIMBU Autosport.
Media source: Depositphotos.