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Powerful Japanese duo announces partnership: Sony will build an electric car with Honda

Companies need to fully combine Honda’s expertise in mobility, technology and sales with Sony’s expertise in displays, communications, desktops and entertainment. A traditional, combined production company is unusual for Japan. The Associated Press noted that at the time of electric cars, which do not have internal combustion engines, but have complex electronics, they had two senses.

Together, the company can develop and design cars. I will use a factory honda. Sony, which makes its own PlayStation game console, movies and recorders, will develop a platform for mobility services.

Honda has its own program to produce electric cars in cooperation with the American company General Motors, with which it has shared platforms for electric cars in North America. Sony must be independent.

Two years ago, at the CES electronics trade show in Las Vegas, Sony introduced the concept of an electric car, confirming at the time that it had not considered producing it. The company has long sought to find a partner for the production of cars. Last January, CES again surprised the study of the electric car, and when it was presented, it also announced that it was considering its production. Here is the analysis.

Sony collaborated in the development of the prototype with the Austrian car manufacturer Magna-Steyr, which specializes in the development and production of cars for brands around the world. tte vse.

Sony and Honda will remain open to adding other recipients. Thus, both companies have not ruled out the inclusion of the joint venture in the future. Reuters reported that Feynan’s details were not announced.

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