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Prague will receive its first Primark.  But in the end we will wait

Prague will receive its first Primark. But in the end we will wait

Irish Fast Fashion is headed to Prague and Brno.



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The first Primark will not travel to the Czech Republic until the second half of the year. The original assumption was not confirmed with an early opening during May, despite the fact that job offers for the series starting in the second half of May can already be found online. The Irish fast-fashion chain has now announced through its spokesperson that the chain’s three-storey Prague branch in Wenceslas Square intends to open “later this year”.

Later this year

“With the retail stores reopening, we can finally proceed with our plans to open our first Primark branch in the Czech Republic. We believe that the Covid-19 pandemic will not cause further delay and we will be able to announce the opening date in the coming weeks, scheduled at a later date this General “. A Primark spokesman said.

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The company doesn’t want to announce a specific date yet. In addition to the branch in Prague, fans of the Irish-Czech chain can look forward to another branch standing in Brno. Specifically, it will open in the Olympia shopping center in Brno. However, the sale shouldn’t start until next year.

The Prague branch will open earlier, will consist of three floors and will be located in the new building, The Flow Building, on the corner of Wenceslas Square and Opletalova Street. The area of ​​the store is more than 4,800 square meters.

Primark tries, but it doesn’t do enough ethical shopping

Primark is one of the fast fashion chains. a company She praised the ethics of evaluating companies for their participation in a number of initiatives concerned with work ethics and working conditions, and the implementation of a number of initiatives to reduce waste and energy consumption in production. However, according to her, Primark is not doing enough and it still has a long way to go.

“The fact that Primark’s business model relies on creating a large number of low-quality, fast-paced costumes for short-term use contradicts fashion’s ethical values ​​and is nothing but bad news for the environment, workers and animals.”

Instead of buying cheap and low-quality clothes that are harmful to the environment, he recommends that you save more money and buy low-quality clothes that will last longer.

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