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Prayers for tourists: report from Greece preparing for the second summer epidemic season

“Greece wants to vaccinate all the islanders and most of the mainland by June, so that everything is open and the tourists don’t have to wear the hijab,” I say with a questionable smile to Giselle after he hugged us and kissed us on the cheeks – since November we have not been seen. In the six years that Greece was my second home in the summer, I have grown accustomed to the strong official statements, the vast majority of which were absent from reality.

“We simply learned that at the time. We are very good at vaccination. Better than most of Europe,” Gisela said surprisingly, saying that the Greek government is not exceptionally proud of something that is not.

“I have a good idea about vaccinations in Europe, because my regular guests call, and depending on the vaccination status, they re-order vaccinations or cancel them immediately,” he said, adding that Germany was the biggest disappointment. Behind the Czech Republic – and it has to be said, Gisela is astonishing.

Gisela is a German woman who married Christos Greece about thirty years ago and owned and operated a residential hotel in Chalkidiki for nearly twenty years. The vast majority of its guests return again and again, they are almost like a distant family, so they often call and think of their hearts, describing what is happening in their country (Germany, France, Holland, Bulgaria …). That is why I believe her when she sighs that small vaccinations are not only in Germany threatening the whole season.

“If it’s like last year,” he raises his hands.

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Then I see the same reaction from other acquaintances – from farmers to hoteliers to fishermen – whom I gradually met. Fear of almost no winnings is great. On a summer sun, mainly without tourists, and therefore without work, it would have been possible to survive, and it is claimed that this year many of them will throw them into poverty.

“Talking about complicated travel bothers me everywhere. It scares people! Just yesterday, Christos and I were watching German news on TV. It’s not true, is it? Those who come here and fly through it all say it’s not that horror, is it? You too, “Gisela gets mad.

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