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Preliminary Indications: Hard-line progress in Iran's presidential elections

Preliminary Indications: Hard-line progress in Iran’s presidential elections

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With the start of the counting of the results of the presidential elections, which ended at dawn today, Saturday, the preliminary results of the counting of 6 million and 620 thousand votes showed that the regime’s candidate, the hard-line cleric Ibrahim Raisi, over the rest of his three rivals.

According to an Iranian official news agency and approved news websites, which were monitored by the “Al-Ain News” correspondent in Tehran, “With 6 million and 620 thousand votes counted, Raisi managed to obtain 4 million and 800,000 votes.”

The hard-line candidate, General Mohsen Rezaei, came in second with 907,000 votes, while the reformist-backed candidate, Abdel Nasser Hemmati, came in third with 547,000 votes.

The hardline candidate, Amir Hossein Qazizadeh Hashemi, came in fourth place, with 184,000 votes.

The Iranian Ministry of the Interior or its official has not yet confirmed the authenticity of these figures, which were circulated by official media, while the spokesman for the Elections Committee, Ismail Mousavi, said that due to the continuation of polling operations inside the centers, the process of announcing the final results of the elections may be delayed.

In a press interview, Mousavi expected that the turnout in the presidential elections would be higher than the parliamentary elections that took place in late February of last year.

The turnout in the parliamentary elections last year was about 42 percent, the lowest since the victory of the Iranian revolution in 1979.

The highest turnout in the presidential elections among the Iranian provinces was in South Khorasan with 71 percent, while the capital, Tehran, ranked last with 24 percent participation.

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It is worth noting that these numbers are subject to change due to the continuation of the counting and sorting operations, which are expected to end on Saturday evening.