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Preoccupation with determining Laylat al-Qadr falls under the category of knowledge that is useless

We always witness many attempts to determine the Night of Decree, and until now no one can be certain of a specific night that it is The Night of DestinyWhere the Prophet did not tell them, and there are many attempts, writings and opinions that try to investigate andDetermine the Night of Destiny Every year, there are those who go further and say that science now with its equipment, equipment, and capabilities is able to determine the Night of Power before the month of Ramadan, as happens with the beginnings of the month of Ramadan and Eid, through astronomical calculations.

Determining the dates of Laylat al-Qadr by astronomy and astronomical phenomena

and about Possibility to set dates for Laylat al-Qadr Through astronomy and astronomical phenomena, Dr. Yasser Abdel-Hadi, a professor at the National Institute for Astronomical and Geophysical Research, Department of Sun and Space Research – and media spokesperson at the institute – says that there is always a question about whether you saw the Night of Decree or whether science and scientists were able to Determine the date of Laylat al-QadrAnd this question comes to us in our capacity as researchers preoccupied with astronomy, following the devices and doing continuous monitoring of the sky, and through this, we may have been able to determine the dates of that blessed night based on Astrological signs of the Night of Power Which the Messenger of God told us about inferred.

Dr. Yasser Abdel Hadi

There are two problems with determining Laylat al-Qadr

Abd al-Hadi confirmed, in exclusive statements to “Sada al-Balad,” that there are two problems in this matter Determine the Night of DestinyOne is related to the experimental and scientific procedure, and the second is related to the psychological effect, since it is not possible to determine that night until we measure the factors mentioned in the hadiths of the Prophet, the impact and the phenomena observed in all the last ten nights of Ramadan in order to facilitate comparison between them to conclude which one it is.The Night of DestinyBut until we do this, the night will have passed before it is ascertained and lost to us, and we will not have realized it, and that even at the level of experience in one night, one cannot be certain that it is this night or that until he sees all the signs and then waits until the sun rises all A day to seal it, make sure of it.

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The astronomy professor added that the second problem related to defining the Night of Power, which is related to the psychological effect, is that if we were able to determine – hypothetically – to determine that and we have certainty or almost certainty that it is the seventh or fifth night, then if the matter is announced, the effect of this matter will be on the souls Muslims whom God Almighty did not enable them to strive hard on this night, surely they will suffer from frustration, and they may be afflicted with apathy in worship and obedience during the remaining days of the month of Ramadan.

There is an opinion that says that whoever realizes Laylat al-Qadr is desirable for him to conceal it

Dr. Yasser Abd al-Hadi pointed out that because of these two problems that they mentioned, many scholars have said that whoever realizes Laylat al-Qadr is desirable for him to conceal it and not broadcast it among people, and that this is one of the high morals of Islam that is keen on the safety of the souls of the members of the same society and to prevent the infiltration of Satan into it Whether for the envy of others or to spread frustration or lukewarmness in obedience and worship.

He pointed out to me that even if the Night of Decree was determined for the month of Ramadan in a year, this does not mean that it will be fixed and come at the same time in the next Ramadan or the one after it, which means that this experiment must be performed and preoccupied with in the last ten nights of Ramadan for each year. Sharpness, even if it may take you far from experiencing the spirituality of the nights of Ramadan, and one may fall into the sin of being the reason for preventing some Muslims from obedience.

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The thought of defining Laylat al-Qadr scientifically (a science that does not work) .. and sometimes falls under the category of harmful knowledge

Dr. Yasser Abdel-Hadi, a professor at the National Institute for Astronomical and Geophysical Research – Department of Sun and Space Research – and media spokesperson at the institute, believes that Think about determining Laylat al-Qadr Scientifically, it falls under the heading of what is useless knowledge, and that it may enter the door of harmful knowledge at times, and that concealing its date is wisdom from God, the Creator and Grantor. It is the continuity of worship during the last ten nights of Ramadan.

Signs of the Night of Power

Signs of the Night of Power Which we know through what was stated in the Sunnah of the Prophet that it is a night that we touch in the odd nights of the last ten days of Ramadan, and the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, did not tell us its exact dates when the Prophet’s hadith says: “I went out to tell you the Night of Decree, so so-and-so and so-and-so and so It will be better for you, so seek it on the nine, seven, and five.”

قال الرسول صلى الله علية وسلم عن علامات ليلة القدر: «هِيَ طَلْقَةٌ بَلْجَةٌ، لَا حَارَّةٌ وَلَا بَارِدَةٌ، كَأَنَّ فِيهَا قَمَرًا يَفْضَحُ كَوَاكِبَهَا، لَا يَخْرُجُ شَيْطَانُهَا حَتَّى يَخْرُجَ فَجْرُهَا»، وكلمة طَلْقَة تعني أنها طَيِّبةٌ لا حَرَّ فيها ولا بَرْد، وبَلْجَةٌ تعني مشرقة، And from Signs of the Night of Power Feeling of peace and comfort, thanks to the descent of the angels on this blessed night.

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