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Preparations begin for a manned lunar mission to Russia

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The company “Roskosmos” has issued a tender to study the problems related to sending a manned mission to the Moon, which will result in the development of progress requirements for the organization of such a mission.

This was stated in the company’s documents published by the government procurement website.

The website stated that the purpose of the study is to develop suggestions, recommendations and requirements that will be submitted for promising future technologies and components of space missile equipment that will ensure the safe realization of manned space missions to the moon and the work of astronauts in its orbit and on its surface, taking into account the necessity of solving biological and medical problems.

The value of the agreement to be tender amounted to 1.7 billion rubles.

The documents of “Roskoskos” indicated that Russia will conduct the first manned space flights to the moon using the heavy “Angara” rocket and a small manned vehicle, and not using the super-heavy “Yeniseh” missile and the large manned Oryol (Eagle) vehicle.

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It is noteworthy that the Director General of “Ros Cosmos” Dmitry Rogozin said last December in his account on “Facebook” that he had taken a decision to abandon the idea of ​​achieving a manned lunar mission using a super-heavy rocket, and would use for this purpose the heavy “Angara” missile capable of carrying 20 tons. Of useful payload, enough to transport the vehicle “Orleonok” (Little Eagle), as a small version of the manned vehicle “Oryol” that can accommodate 6 people. As for the date of realization of the Russian superheavy missile project, it will be postponed, compared to a previously decided date.

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The documents of “Ross Cosmos” also included requirements for the design of the small “Orleonok” lunar module, which must land on the surface of the moon and take off astronauts from it.

The agreement also provides for the design of space suits to work on the lunar surface, the design of an unmanned lunar rover, a manned lunar vehicle to walk on the surface of the moon, electrical power generation devices for the lunar base, and the design of a truck that transports the cargo there. The work on implementing the agreement was divided into 3 sections and its first results should be presented at the end of 2022. As for the lunar program as a whole, it should be prepared and submitted in mid-November 2025.

It is noteworthy that the Russian media had reported earlier that the first Russian cosmonaut would land on the moon in 2030.

Source: RIA Novosti