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Preparations for theatrical development in Djibouti, Somalia and Comoros

The Board of Trustees of the “Arab Commission” concludes its first meeting

Sharjah: «Gulf»
The Board of Trustees of the Arab Theater Authority in Sharjah completed its first meeting of the Council since the issuance of the decision of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, to form the Council in mid-March, and the term of the Council extends to May 2025.
The Secretary-General of the Commission, Chairman of the Council, Ismail Abdullah, opened the meeting with a comprehensive speech in which he reviewed the work of the Commission, the reality of what it has accomplished, and what awaits it. Theater in Djibouti and Somalia, through the rehabilitation of two pivotal teams from the playwrights of the two countries, for a one-month course in Djibouti, during next July, and we have recently established contact that we started in 2009 with the Comoros for an Arab theater in that Arab country, and we hope that the artists of Djibouti, Somalia and the Islands Al-Qamar will be alongside their Arab peers in Arab theatrical events soon. Together with you, we are on the verge of a very big work, to set a new strategy for the development of Arab theater, touching and representing the aspirations, hopes and dreams of Arab playwrights, so that, like the previous one, it will be a road map for the work of official institutions, and it is auspicious that the beginning is with you ».
The meeting came out with a set of proposals that chart future paths towards the new work strategy, in all areas of the authority’s work and projects, from the Arab Theater Festival, which will witness a development in its work mechanisms starting from the 14th session to be held in Baghdad in January 2024, as the festival will open a new field for the theater of countries that are still Theatrical development is in its early stages, so that the festival provides the opportunity for its playwrights to get acquainted, benefit and interact with their colleagues with advanced experiences who are qualified for the festival, and the national festivals will witness an expansion in their fields of work, according to what the experience has produced since 2018 until now, passing through what the work produced during the pandemic.
The meeting dealt with the development of the Arab Forum for Puppet Arts and Popular Show, of which the authority organized four forums in Sharjah, Tunis, Cairo and Tangier. (ALECSO) with the development and diversification of projects and programs to respond to the requirements of the reality of the situation experienced by different Arab school communities, with the importance of re-forming a scientific committee to follow up on the project.
In the field of training and rehabilitation, and in continuation of the efforts made by the authority in this regard, the committee recommends adopting a diversification of training paths and levels, from the foundational level to the modern laboratory level, so that the training constitutes a response to the requirements of the theatrical situation, which differs from one region to another, and the conferees emphasized the importance of forming a scientific committee for that. The recommendations also called for openness to all academies, colleges of performing arts, and institutes, and assistance in providing scholarships to study theater through interaction with Arab technical academies, to provide scholarships for those nominated by the Arab Theater Authority from the playwrights of countries most in need.
In the field of publishing and documentation, the conferees set paths to develop the publishing and distribution processes, whether for paper or electronic publications, by taking advantage of the technological development witnessed by the world.
In terms of international relations, the conferees recommended the development of inter-relationships between playwrights and institutions concerned with theater in the Arab countries, and building links with global experiences by opening paths and establishing contribution projects between them within the framework of cultural exchange and setting up mechanisms that regulate relations between them, and define the controls for working with these international organizations.
The meeting also concluded proposals for stimulating interest in theatrical infrastructures so that there is a suitable environment for theatrical performances in different schools, and encouraging production in the most needy countries, to provide spaces for experimentation and testing, and to develop theatrical skills among its fans and youth. On the occasion of the conclusion of the work of the first meeting of the Board of Trustees, Ismail Abdullah said: “This meeting culminated in a meeting with His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, who generously showered the meeting with his love and guidance, and that we have completed the program 100%, I say that we are already on the threshold of a new stage, The presence of all these statures will be a stage for strategic action, as the Authority’s work grows and its influence on the Arab theater scene develops, thanks to the direct and generous care of His Highness, and the General Secretariat will work on developing programs that serve these visions and do them in the best way in cooperation with Arab expertise.
It is noteworthy that this Council is the largest membership since the establishment of the Commission in 2008, and consists of nineteen members.