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تقديم كتاب "الصحراء: الفضاء والزمان"

Presentation of the book “Desert: Space and Time”

Photo: W.A.M

Hespress- O.M.Sunday 25 September 2022 – 03:15

The President of the France-Morocco Foundation for Peace and Sustainable Development, Hubert Seien, presented, Saturday in Laayoune, his book “Moroccan Sahara: Space and Time”, published by the “Multaqa Roads” house.

This book was presented during the closing session of the work of the fourth session of the Moroccan-French meetings on development activities in the southern provinces of the Kingdom, organized in partnership between the France-Morocco Foundation for Peace and Sustainable Development, and the Rabat Al-Fath Association for Sustainable Development, under the slogan “Out of Obscurity”.

Sian, the French writer and jurist, took advantage of this meeting to present a new revised and expanded second edition of 248 pages, which he wanted a historical novel with an economic, social, legal and political flavor.

It is here a moment to share the different stations of the writer’s “travel” in which time and place are mixed with the intention of opening ways to know this part that is inseparable from Moroccan soil, tracing the various paths offered by history, geography and law.

He explained, by the way, that it is a matter of highlighting the territorial integrity of Morocco, with the facts of history and geography, which remained in place even during the period of protection in a way that was reinforced by the ancient natural, geographical, historical, economic and cultural forces.

Sian noted that the main objective of this book is to introduce the issue of the Moroccan Sahara outside Morocco, praising the manifestations of development in the southern provinces of the Kingdom, especially the city of El-Ayoun.

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