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Preservation spacecraft spotted a strange object on Mars

Preservation spacecraft spotted a strange object on Mars

And push this tangled object, which I spotted”PerseveranceFor the “March 2020” mission, some are thinking of “the possibility that it will be a piece of the pasta“.

The more logical and realistic explanation is that the object is likely leftover from a component that was used in the landing process. explorer The robot will be on Mars in February 2021, according to AFP.

A spokesperson for the agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories said:NASA“We were discussing the issue of the source of this object, and there were speculations that it was a piece of rope belonging to a parachute or the landing system that was used to slowly lower the craft,” he told AFP.

“But we have no assurances about any possibility of the two,” he added.

The object was first spotted on July 12 through a hazard-avoidance camera on the left front of the vehicle, but when the vehicle returned to the same location four days later the object was gone.

It was likely blown away by the wind as a piece of thermal insulation the spacecraft spotted last month that may be left over from the rocket-powered landing system.

The accumulation of debris left by the craft is a minor detriment against the practical goals of the mission, which is to search for vital fingerprints of ancient microbial life forms.

These elements may one day become valuable relics for those who will colonize Mars in the future.

“In 100 years or more, Martians will eagerly collect these pieces and put them in museums or turn them into ‘historic gems’,” tweeted amateur astronomer Stuart Atkinson.

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