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President of the Italian Sports Lawyers Association: Kno violated the protected period

President of the Italian Sports Lawyers Association: Kno violated the protected period

Salvatore Shuval, president of the Italian Sports Lawyers Association, considered that Mohamed Kno, the Al Hilal player, violated the protected period of his contract with Al Nasr, after he renewed in the interest of the former before the contract with the latter took effect.

The international, Muhammad Kanoo, signed a contract with Al-Nasr in January before extending his current contract with Al-Hilal. At the beginning of this month, the Dispute Resolution Chamber of the Saudi Football Federation suspended him for 4 months and obligated him to cooperate with his club to pay the first installment he received from Al-Nasr, in addition to the amount of 19.5 million Saudi riyals, And depriving Al Hilal of contracts for two periods.

Shuval said to the “In the Goal” program: Kanu had a contract with Al Hilal, and in January he signed a new contract with Al Nasr, and this is available to him because his contract with Al Awal expires in June, and the new contract with Al Nasr begins in July.

And he continued: After signing the contract and receiving an initial payment from his new club, and when the new contract is signed before the contract with Al-Nasr takes effect, there will be a violation of the protected period, because his new contract with Al-Hilal will cover the period in which the first period with Al-Nasr will be the protected period.

The well-known sports lawyer detailed the violation of the protected period: the breach of contract took place in January, and we know that his contract with Al-Nasr will begin to be implemented in July, and his new contract with Al-Hilal will cover the protected period in his contract with Al-Nasr.

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Regarding the penalty for stopping Al Hilal from signing contracts, Shuval believes that it is not worthy if the club does not know the signing of its international player with Al-Nasr, but if he knows that, it is due.

And he concluded: I agreed with the decision that was imposed on the player to return the amount to Al-Nasr Club, and also agreed with the decision to pay the player and Al-Hilal the value of compensation to Al-Nasr Club, but I do not agree with the amount of compensation because it cannot be the full total value of the contract, and I do not agree with the decision of the solidarity contribution. About the 7 million that the player received, the penalty for stopping Kno is fair.