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Prices for booking a seat on Virgin Galactic start at an imaginary number

Prices for booking a seat on Virgin Galactic start at an imaginary number

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Virgin Galactic announced Thursday that the public now has the opportunity to reserve a seat on one of its space tourism flights.

The company explained that prices start from 450 thousand US dollars, and it also gives 3 options for the consumer to choose from, in addition to one seat, which costs almost half a million dollars, there are multi-seat packages for groups, and it also offers complete purchase offers for space flights, according to CNBC American.

The company indicated that while it will prioritize reservations for its “important list of first bookers”, it promised to create a follow-up priority list for customers interested in booking flights in the future.

Virgin Galactic’s reopening of ticket sales comes less than a month after its founder, British billionaire Richard Branson, flew with other “important professionals” on the company’s first fully manned space flight.

Virgin Galactic’s announcement of the prices of its space flights coincided with its disclosure, on Thursday, of its financial results for the second quarter of this year, as it also stated that the private space company “has made significant progress towards starting commercial service in 2022.”

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And the company, “Virgin Galactic”, announced yesterday, Thursday, that its next test flight into space will be in late September from the “Spaceport America” ​​space station in New Mexico, and will be carrying Italian Air Force personnel.