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Prima Star starts in June

Prima Star starts in June

At Prima Star, TV will try to take advantage of old series, shows, and competitions.
After lunch, he’ll feature the Family Handcuffs series and Blue Code, followed by the Cooking – Bedding Show! (On weekends with senior guests), with an Italian in the kitchen and Divine Cakes by Markéta. Early in the evening, the elderly Caruso will return, the crossroads of life and how to build a dream.

On weekends, the travel drama doku-Reality Women on the Road will kick off, Jiří Krampol will repeat and the show Nobody’s Perfect on prime time, it’s a weekday forum! Talk shows will also be repeated.

“The new channel is a logical addition to our Prima family. During its 28 years of existence, Prima TV has produced a large number of programs across all types of television, and many of them are very popular even after years of broadcasting, so we want to remind viewers of family silver, which was Hidden yet in our archives, Prima Star will be a place where they can find our series, entertainment and reality shows divided into well-arranged broadcast groups, so that they can rely on them to find them there at the same time every day, ”added Marek Singer, CEO of Prima Group. .

“The Prima Star icon, as the name suggests, is a star – a mark and an award for the best created within Prima.” Singer concluded, “Purple means friendliness, which means Prima Star will be a matter of heart.”

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