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موقع الفضاء الرقمي للمدارس الابتدائية استخرج معدل التلاميذ 2021-2022

Primary school digital space website extracted student average 2021-2022

The website of the digital space for primary schools in Tunisia, where thousands of students in Tunisia expect to obtain the annual average of the male or female student in the first trimester through the digital space for primary schools, the number cards for the current academic year. Note that the Tunisian Ministry of Education has provided the digital space platform so that parents can follow the educational level of their children in order to save time and effort for students and parents, and through our website we provide you with a link to the digital space website for primary schools.

Primary School Digital Space

The Tunisian Ministry of Education has revealed the need to register via the digital space website, so that all parents can access the digital space platform so that students can register attendance on the platform and learn about school assignments, and in addition to this, the guardian can extract the annual rate of students electronically via a network The Internet, as the Ministry of Education aims to provide the latest modern technological means in the education system.

It is worth noting that all parents in all states of Tunisia can obtain the results of their children electronically by registering in the student’s space or the digital space, but by following some steps that include:

  • The student or parent must have access to Digital Space website.
  • And the My School app is installed on his phone.
  • Next, he chooses the state he belongs to and the school he is enrolled in.
  • To inquire about the results of the exams, you must log in to the student’s guardian or guardian.
  • Then choose the first three, followed by the results of the exams are displayed.
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